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NOUVEAU SOUFFLE A BECONNouveau souffle à Bécon - Affiche

Campaign for the adoption of foster organ pipes
in preparation for the upcoming restoration

A priceless heritage, the organ of Saint-Maurice in Bécon is the outcome of devoted work by numerous craftsmen. After one hundred forty years of delight bestowed upon those who have had the good fortune to hear it, it once again requires the attention of all. In order for it to be able to touch present and future generations, you may subscribe to one of the four formulas making up this foster pipe adoption campaign, in your own name or that of someone close to you.
About the restoration
Built by Aristide Cavaillé-Coll in 1865 and placed on the Historical Monuments register in 1985, this organ today suffers from its advanced age. A thorough restoration has become critical.
The Association des Amis de l’Orgue Cavaillé-Coll de Saint-Maurice de Bécon, as contracting agent, is standing up for a restoration project aiming to return the instrument to its very special initial state by improving tonal blend, modified since its move to Saint-Maurice.
The overall budget for this operation is estimated at about 700,000 euros, partially covered by national and local government culltural services, the parish of Saint-Maurice (owner of the instrument) but also the association of Friends of the Organ. The present foster pipe adoption campaign is intended to partially finance the latter's portion.
"Did you say, ‘pipe’"?
An organ is made up of a multiplicity of components: woodwork, bellows and wind trunks, mechanical action, pipes… All deserve restoration, but we offer you the possibility to take special care of the latter. Through their shapes and construction characteristics (wood, metal…) they "make" the organ's sound. In Bécon there are some 2000 of them. Some have unfortunately been shortened by previous builders, while others have disappeared or fallen victim to the vicissitudes of time.
Adoption – Instructions
So that your adoption of one or more pipes may be as meaningful as possible for you, we invite you to come by so that one of the organists can take you into the very heart of the organ to "meet your future foster pipe". To do this, contact the association via the address shown on the reverse, or tick the appropriate box on the nearby form. This visit will be your opportunity, with the help of the association, to choose the very pipe(s) that you will adopt..
At the conclusion of the restoration a commemorative plaque listing the names of the foster doners. In addition each doner will receive a certificate specifying the precise pipe(s) he or she has contributed to renovating.

A choice of four formulas

According the means at your disposal, we offer you one of the four following formulas for which the amount is determined by the costs entailed by the restoration of the pipes included in the scheme.
Each of these formulas is symbolically named for one of the stops in the Bécon organ.
Piccolissimo Formula 15 €
Named after the highest-pitched stop in the organ, this formula is devoted to fostering the smaller pipes in the organ.
Pastorita Formule 45 €
This is aimed at adopting middle-sized pipes that require "mere" refurbishing.
Unda-Maris Formule 90 €
This stop which is presently lacking must be reconstituted as it was originally. Hence this formula is intended for pipes requiring extensive reconstitution or other creative work.
Untersatz Formule 150 €
This is the lowest-pitch stop in the organ, with pipes measuring more than five metres in length. Thus the formula is devoted to adoption of the largest pipes or those requiring particularly intensive restoration work.

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