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Patronage by firms

Dossier de présentation

You are the head of a firm and you wish to take advantage of the advantages acruing to patronage by firms, and you wish to learn more about the restoration project and its implications: feel free to contact us by e-mail in order to receive the presentation portfolio.

Aristide Cavaillé-Coll was a “child” of the Industrial Revolution. Winner of several awards by the Society for the Encouragement of National Industry, he was able, from one organ to the next, to modernize their mechanical appointments. His firm experienced remarkably long activity in this area, but he owed this in part to the bankers and industrialists who provided him with support. It is in this prestigious context that our association intends to enable one of the great builder’s masterworks to regain its magnificence.

The City of Courbevoie is closely linked to the business district of La Défense which provides one of its richest sources of prosperity, not only economic but also in terms of the various energies it generates. The organ of Saint-Maurice de Bécon, as we have seen, also contributes in its own way to the area’s richness.

Convinced that economic and cultural riches work hand in hand to form the bonds that constitute the cohesion of our society, the association wishes to develop the interaction within these two areas. Thus it offers firms—whether local, national or international—the opportunity to become associated with the image of this organ throughout the world by taking part in the financing of the restoration process.

Beyond the fiscal advatages that such patronage can henceforth afford, this support will be affirmed in an agreement that will guarantee patron firms that they will appear in all communication endeavors of the association as partners in this restoration “for a living heritage.”

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